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  The Graphics and Vision Research Group of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Universtity of Basel, Switzerland, has currently an open position for


Research in our group concentrates on the analysis and synthesis of images extending the concept of "Morphable Models" (introduced already in 1999: http://gravis.cs.unibas.ch/Sigg99.html ) to a probability based framework. Current applications are in the field of medical image analysis (volumetric MRI and CT data) and in photoralistic modeling of faces in images.
Open research questions are in model learning from data, in model fitting as well as in the integration of bottom up and top down image analysis techniques.
Recent relevant research in our group is on "Graussian Processes Morphable Models" (see also a our tutorial ) for surface representation and on stochastic model fitting techniques.
The requirements for the position are a degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering or a related discipline. We expect a strong background in applied mathematics and good programming skills. Experience in areas such as Pattern Recognition, Vision or Computer Graphics would be appreciated but are not definitely required.
Candidates must be fluent in English (written and spoken). German is not required, but is an asset for the life in Basel.
The successful candidates are expected to contribute to research and will participate in the teaching activities of the Department.

Application: The résumé, transcripts of grades, the coordinates of at least two reference people, as well a copy of the Master thesis should be sent in PDF format, to Prof. Thomas Vetter thomas.vetter@unibas.ch .

Additional Information can be obtained by:

Prof. Thomas Vetter
Departement Mathematics and Computer Science
Spiegelgasse 1
4051 Basel

Phone: +41 61 207 0556