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Dr. Sandro Schönborn
PostDoc researcher
Room 01.001
Phone: +41 61 267 05 51
Sandro Schönborn
Sandro Schönborn received a Master of Science in Physics from the University of Basel in 2008. He studied different optimization methods for chemical structure prediction and focused on computational physics. Beginning in 2009, he switched to computer vision and joined the group of Prof. Thomas Vetter, where he studies image interpretation with generative models. For integrative face image analysis, he received his PhD in computer science from the University of Basel in 2013 and now continues his work as a postdoctoral researcher. Sandro Schönborn also regularly teaches robotics at a local high school.
Research Interests
I am interested in how machines can see and understand images. At a more specific level, my main area of research lies with generative models of face images where my daily work revolves around the 3D Morphable Model.
I mainly study how to use and adapt the model to interpret, manipulate and synthesize face images. During my PhD studies, my main focus lied on integrative model fitting methods. The methods integrate useful but unreliable low-level image information, contrary to standard top-down model fitting methods. During this work, I developed a strong interest in Data-Driven Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods as a formalization of a propose-and-verify strategy. Such a concept offers a powerful way to deal with unreliable data by splitting the model fitting process into a "proposal" and a "verification" stage.
I am also interested in quantitative analysis of face perception and the associated manipulation of face images. Using a statistical and generative model, it becomes possible to change face images to appear differently to human observers, for example more trustworthy.
Projects Social Judgments of Faces
  Artificial Aging of Faces
  Automatic Face Image Analysis
  The Basel Face Model
  Teaching Shape Modelling at High Schools