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Adam Kortylewski
PhD student
Room 01.001
Phone: +41 61 267 26 83
Adam Kortylewski
Adam Kortylewski received a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Basel in 2011. He then joined the group of Prof. Thomas Vetter as a research assistant. In 2012 he started his PhD studies in the program "Image Understanding and Intelligent Data Analysis". Since then he has worked on the analysis of geometric patterns under unconstrained structured noise.
Research Interests
I am interested in machine vision and especially in pattern recognition. My research is focused on how to learn and represent geometric patterns so that these can be recognized even under severe distortions. The research results are directly integrated into applications that facilitate the analysis of footwear impression images.
Projects Next generation of automatic pattern recognition systems for forensic shoe track applications
  FAST Matching Service: Automated search of reference impressions for footwear impressions

Project Website Basel Footwear Impression Database